Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Blog 11 2bMe.org Website

Social Circles Page

This is one of the interior pages for the website www.2bme.org.  It is a website for teens which is based on a public service program for thirteen- to seventeen-year-olds deal with appearance-related issues dealing with cancer treatment.  The website itself is easy to navigate.  The top bar has clickable pictures that bring you back to the home page.  The bottom bar brings you to other links of interest and the interior links take you more in depth into the topic.   The vibrant colors, characters, and typeface will appeal to teens.  The content is thoughtful yet not too heavy considering the difficulty of the situation.  It seems like the designers had to walk a fine line between being too upbeat and serious.  This seems like perfect compromise and a way to help teens through a especially challenging time.

Source:  2bme.org, Communication Arts, Interactive Annual 9, September/October 2002.

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  1. The 2bMe, reminds me of the girl scout campaign "2b" for ages 9 to 15. They had redesigned their program to attract the girls of today. All there badges come in the form of a charm instead of a patch you sew to a vest. At the time our girls were already into the patches, so we didn't change over to the new stuff. This looks like a very different sort of thing. I do know teens tend to go towards the character type illustrations, like anamie. So the ad is geared right, but I would never have known that if it weren't for having kids of my own. I guess there is merit in "been there, done that." It is a nice well put together web page.