Thursday, November 3, 2011

Blog 12 A TA ME!

Movie Poster by: Juan Gatti

Since the mid-1980's Spanish director Pedro Almodóvar has worked exclusively with designer and photographer Juan Gatti in the creation of the graphic identities of his films.[King]  According to King, they both draw heavily from the history of film design in putting together a series of motifs that not only promote the theme of the film but also define Almodóvar's work as a unit.

This particular poster screams SAUL BASS to me.  The hand drawn lettering, flat clean graphic style, the careful & limited use of color, and the application of simple shapes to create a powerful image epitomize Bass' style through and through.  The asymmetry of this piece is appealing to me and adds to the unnerving imagery.  The focal point couldn't be clearer - the bold white text jumps off the page.  The work is unified by color and shape and balanced asymmetrically.  Oh, translated the title means "Tie Me Up! Tie Me Down!"  It was released in 1989.

Source:  King, Emily, A Century of Movie Posters from Silent to Art House, Octopus Publishing Group, Ltd, 2003.

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  1. I love the heavy graphic imagery of this poster. The shapes of the hands also remind me of drawing class where you learn some basic shapes for figure drawing before you make the real image. Also there is a wooden posing figure that you can get at the art store that looks like this that artist use. I think what I notice the most or first is the red line movement across the page. I like the angular shapes of the blue background too. All these shapes cause friction and grab the viewers attention. Cool poster!