Saturday, October 1, 2011

Blog 6 - Henryk Tomaszewski

Rok Chopinowski 1949

Henryk Tomaszewski is known throughout the world as a giant in the field of Polish posters. [Meggs]  In a forward by Shoji Katagishi, Tomaszewski's work is described as having no exaggerated posturing or hardness; that his free, open form of expression has a feeling of dignity and intellect; and that his drawn lines are refined, strong and lyrical, with ample amounts of space and color. [Meggs]

This poster was designed for an annual International Chopin Competition held in Poland in 1949.  It exemplifies all of elements that Katagishi points out about Tomaszewski's work.  The image of the grand piano is straightforward and open - just the keyboard and the top - in flat, broad shapes and simple lines.  The music stand, which consists of ornate curves, doubles as the title block for the poster.  Even though the lettering is small relative to the size of the poster, it is emphasized because of the complex border and the color.  The color scheme makes use of earth tones with a background of muted olive green in a cloudlike pattern, a flat rust color for the titles, and of course black & white for the piano.

Source: Meggs, Philip, Six Chapters in Design, Chronicle Books, San Francisco, California, 1997

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  1. Have you ever noticed how many designers have been in, ended or started somewhere in the European continent? This is a very classy, creative and innovative design. The shape and lines of the piano are so exact and clear. They are amazing.