Thursday, December 1, 2011

Blog 15 STIM Visual Communications

Children Become Students at Birth

I thought this was an interesting advertisement for a Pre-K through Post Graduate(!?!) School.  I like the idea that children enter the world learning whether we are actively teaching them or not.  They are little sponges absorbing the environment.  The decision to put Stone Henge  as an illustration in the background of this ad is intriguing.  First, using it as an illustration solves the problem of having two competing strong photographs - the flatness of the illustration style separates it from the rest of the ad and causes it to recede to the background.  The obvious focal point is the picture of the little girl.  Also, the text is brought to the forefront.  Second, Stone Henge is used as a metaphor for the educational methods used in the past and how this school is different, new, exciting.

The type treatment is also interesting.  The title pops in the dark brown and large size.  The quote is less important in a lighter brown-grey but still the same size.  The rest of the text is presented in a single column with bold headline and baseline.

I think the most interesting thing about this advertisement is the juxtaposition of the old with the new - creating the metaphor between the past and present - fading out the past and bringing the new to the forefront.  Very clever.

Source:  Samara, Timothy, Design Elements: A Graphic Style Manual, Rockport Publishers, Beverly, Massachusetts, 2007

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