Monday, September 12, 2011

Blog 4 - C. Harvey Graphic Design

Greiner Consulting

This is a website for legal training firm [greinerconsulting] that was published in Design Elements.[Samara] It was designed by C. Harvey Graphic Design.[charvey]  It reminded me of the beethoven poster by Josef Müller-Brockmann that our classmate, Angela Norman, posted on her blog.  It also made me think of another Müller-Brockmann called musica viva.[moma] 
 Ah, I really do not have to reinvent the wheel!  How could I improve on designs like this anyway?  Look at the beauty and simplicity of the lines and curves; how the eye guided through the layouts to the important information; how we see the whole then look closer to see the individual parts. Unity. Focal point. Gestalt theory.  Emphasis. Generous use of white space.  Clean typography.  Intellectual connections everywhere. The Müller-Brockmann posters exude the music.  The light feel of the music viva practically dances off the page while the beethoven is heavier and more grounded.  
With the Greiner website, the spiral staircase upward represents career evolution and the staircase is similar to the spiraling geometric shapes in their logo.  The Greiner website uses color quite effectively.  They basically use the blue-green analogous color scheme with a touch of orange (complimentary) for the home and contact links. 

Sources:       Samara, Timothy, Design Elements: A Graphic Style Manual, Rockport
                           Publishers, Beverly, Massachusetts, 2007

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  1. YOu're right, I have been seeing Brockmann's influience in many designs. I just posted more of his work. It's funny to come to your site and find more. I love the music viva poster and almost selected it. I'm glad I held off. What catches my attention on the poster is the color and movement. It's exciting, bold and innovative. All qualities to strive after as future graphic artists.