Monday, September 12, 2011

Blog 3 - Susan Ferguson

Serenity Rules - Tim Lynch


Tim Lynch is a producer for Woodshed Films. They make films and documentaries "about an experience".  According to their website, "Woodshed is a co-op of talented artists, directors and producers who seek to entertain audiences while subtly introducing them to environmental and socially relevant issues.  Born out of our love for the ocean and surfing, Woodshed tells stories that strive to inspire." [180o South]

 In this piece which is published in Design Elements, I especially love the way that the collage of text creates texture.   The changing of typeface and sizes (which breaks all of the rules!) echoes the graffiti on the wall of the photo.  Laying type into the photo creates visual interest; and the words chosen reflect the attitude of the subject of the piece (bound by my dream, drum, peace, believe, of tomorrow,...).  The colors chosen for the layout are natural hues rust, peach, brick, brown, also reflecting the "love of nature" outlook of Tim Lynch.  The choice of typefaces themselves also create visual interest: COOL in all caps in a simple, bold, san serif; calm in all lower case serif; and [CONNECTED] in a tight, modern, all caps san serif.  The placement of the text creates a pleasing visual triangle.
I think that Susan Ferguson [graphiczone] has captured the personality of Tim Lynch, with his laid-back adventure approach to film producing, in this layout, Serenity Rules.

Sources:    Samara, Timothy, Design Elements: A Graphic Style Manual, Rockport
                         Publishers, Beverly, Massachusetts, 2007

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